Suppliers and Quality Agreements

Managing global supplier audits to allow more efficient monitoring of suppliers across sites, while improving supplier-related quality processes and saving time and effort. Generica QMS Suppliers and Quality Agreements module addresses challenges such as potential supplier inspection, supplier quality and approval process, agreement management, as well as external supplier audit planning and execution. This module assists the quality team in ensuring a valid and up-to-date agreement for each product and each supplier, as well as controlling individual suppliers while maintaining a global perspective.

Generica QMS is used for managing suppliers and quality agreements on a global basis. A part of the wide responsibility manufacturers in the Life Science industry have for the quality of their producs is verifying the quality delivered by their suppliers. This includes conducting audits to approve the suppliers, performing periodic assessments, tracking all suppliers quality occurrences, closely managing quality agreements, verifying commitments, and so on.


Managing suppliers and agreements with Generica QMS avoids duplications resulted form suppliers that supply multiple sites, improves process quality, and saves time and effort for the site quality teams. Generica Suppliers and Qulity Agreements module addresses challenges ranging from potential supplier inspection, to the quality approval process, agreements management all the way to external supplier audit planning and execution.


One of the things make Generica QMS an intuitive and friendly systme for users is its seamless integration with standard tools such as Word, Excel and PDF. This allows users to remian in their familiar work environment when performing their daily activities, and not needing to leave their relevant document. The majority of the actual work can be easily performed from those common tools, while they are being leveraged by Generica to support Generica QMS functionality and processes. This increases user productivity, while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.


Generica Suppliers and Quality Agreements includes a pre-defined solution and best practices, but can also be easily configured to meet company’s specific processes and needs.

KCS offers end-to-end Quality Management and GRC Management solutions for highly regulated industries, such as life science, finance, and insurance. Through its flagship solution platform – Generica – the company allows its users to manage and improve their internal processes, while ensuring compliance with relevant requirements and standards of both local and global authorities.