Generica ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) helps the organization to manage its risks as part of the entire ERM lifecycle, where all data is handled in one centralized repository. The platform offered by Generica dramatically reduces the effort and the maintenance of the following Risk Management processes:


  • Identify

  • Asses and Analyze

  • Planning of Action Items

  • Gap analysis / Test of one / Walk trough

  • Measure and Control


Generica ERM offers a flexible solution to a global hierarchical company structure in terms of segments, subsidiaries, business units, etc. Generica ERM supports tasks plans, responsibilities, deadlines, progress reports and deliverables, enables attaching documents to all data objects, such as: risks, events and improvement plans.

Thanks to Generica's smooth integration with tools such as Word, Excel and PDF, users may remain in their familiar work environment, whereas all actionable information and critical processes can seamlessly become "Smart Objects" within Generica straight from their original document. Alongside significantly improving users productivity, Generica ERM reduces risks, enhances monitoring, and ensures comprehensive tracking.


Risk Management

Providing easy management of risks via a global hierarchical structure, supporting task plans, responsibilities, deadlines, progress reports and deliverables. This module enables the evaluation of risks by two key parameters: impact and likelihood, i.e., risk magnitude, presenting it on a Heat Map that provides a clear indication on future audits necessary for the reduction of relevant risks.