Regulatory Inspection

Allowing upload and management of all internal inspection data and performing gap analysis across the organization. Generica QMS Regulatory Inspection Management module facilitates the management, sharing, checking and remediating of inspection findings across the organization. The module includes a powerful statistics and trend analysis tool for smart and efficient management of inspection information.

Generica QMS is used for managing company’s Regulatory Inspections, including Internal Regulatory Inspections (MOH), Customers Inspections and other companies’ inspections. The Corporate Regulatory Inspections module can be implemented as an independent solution or as an integrated Quality Audit module.

Generica QMS Regulatory Inspection solution ensures that inspections are always reviewed, tested and fixed across all the corporate sites. Managing inspections with Generica QMS improves quality and reduces risk by helping to avoid repeat observations, and focusing quality activity where the regulators are focused. With Generica QMS inspection, company audits are done more efficiently and effectively.


Thanks to Generica's smooth integration with tools such as Word, Excel, and PDF, users may remain in their familiar work environment, whereas all actionable information and critical processes can seamlessly become "Smart Objects" within Generica straight from their original document. Hence, unlike other Regulatory Inspection solutions, Generica QMS does not require companies to make expensive shifts into new environments.


Generica Regulatory Inspection includes a pre-defined solution and best practices, but can also be easily configured to meet company’s specific processes and needs.