Maximize efficiency with Generica 


Generica's Features
Electronic Smart Objects

Generica solution is based on KCS’ “Electronic Smart Objects” technology that enables users to convert “dumb” text straight from its original document (such as Word, Excel, PDF) into Smart Objects in Generica. All Generica's features and capabilities can be executed from the document or from the central management system. Taking for example the Audit management, without leaving the original files, Generica allows users to track, view, and execute all the findings, decisions, and recommendations – internal or external – included in an audit report. Generica then enables them to be implemented efficiently while being fully controlled throughout the process. This capability reduces overhead, saves time, helps avoid mistakes, and ensures that the management snapshot is always up-to-date.


Flexibility – An Off-The-Shelf Product with Tailor Made Configuration

Generica allows for a quick and easy tailoring of its processes, which results in both short and long term savings. Generica produces an individual solution for each customer that still retains the requested features. You can support existing processes or install a completely new system – Generica allows you to use your legacy system, while smoothly transitioning to Generica. Implementations are conducted by highly experienced and professional teams, including leading advisory services firms that analyse the organisation’s processes and needs, recommend improvements, and implement accordingly.


Adaptability – Manage any Organizational Process on a Global Basis

Generica customers typically expand the use of KCS’ solutions to cover most of their control and compliance challenges. Generica can address core processes to be used locally or across a global organization. This means significant savings on hardware and software costs, IT overhead, operational simplicity, training, and updates.

All KCS users receive volume discounts, regardless of which process/application they are using.


Quick and Easy Configuration and Deployment

The entire configuration process is completed in a way that minimises time and resources from you and your team. We employ an iterative prototyping process, in which most of the work is done off-site, on our server. After only two or three iterations, the design is complete and we are ready to install on-site, deploy, train and launch.


Why should you use Generica solution?


Easy Deployment
  • Short and easy learning curve – no need to navigate unfamiliar sequences of pre-defined user screens

  • Saves time and money on training employees and consultants


Ease of Use
  • Conduct and manage your processes  where users are  able to seamlessly integrate data from  tools as Word, Excel, PDF, and import it into the system.

  • No duplication of effort – all notes, reviews, procedures, responses, and reports can be done within the original documents

  • Maintain process document templates for any key organizational process that allows for one-click inclusion of all up-to-date risks


Strong Tracking and Reporting Capabilities
  • Any project progress and results can be easily tracked in real time

  • All relevant portions of an audit report are automatically sent to the relevant manager

  • Generica ensures that all associated organisational risks are properly included as part of the planning and documentation of the process

  • Significant reduction in project completion time

  • Generica ensures the resolution of deficiencies, findings, etc.

  • Simple tracking of response/handling status