Public Sector

As government transparency is increasingly growing, safer facilities are required to maintain and provide a reliable track record. KCS Generica provides the required platform for achieving the desireable level of supervision and control.


KCS Generica solutions help organizations to significantly improve their monitoring and gain tight control over all aspets under their responsibility. Alongside the important task of ensuring appropriate handling of internal procedures, govermental and other public sector organizations are accountable for critical public matters.


By deploying KCS Generica public sector institutes can effectively and intuitively manage, control and reduce risk; as well as utilize the flexible and robust auditing capabilities offered by the system. This allows them to see the full picture, and make sure to always be up to date with ongoing occurrences accross the organization or outside of it - under their area of responsibility.


Thanks to Generica's smooth integration with tools such as Word, Excel and PDF, users may remain in their familiar work environment, whereas all actionable information and critical processes can seamlessly become "Smart Objects" within Generica straight from their original program. Those Smart Objects are then managed carefully through workflows, escalations, automatic alerts, and allow for a managerial view via dashboards, reports and more.