Multi Regulation Management

Enabling cross functional high level view of GRC elements in order to provide a clear understanding of the shared audits, observations, compliance activities, risks and SOX records between the different functions and departments in the organization.

Regulations force companies to adhere to specifications, standards, policies and legal principles that are well defined. Generica GRC Multi Regulation Management addresses companies’ challenges to map and analyze gaps, manage controls, test and perform findings remediation. Sharing one system with one central database for multi regulations saves resources, reduces conflicts and duplications and prevents penalties for non-compliance. With the ever growing number and type of regulations being legislated, compliance management is increasingly important for companies operating in such industries.


Generica brings compliance management functionality right into users’ familiar work environment by allowing an easy and intutitive way to perform the daily work with tools such as Word, Excel and PDF, where leveraged by Generica's capabilities. This increases user’s productivity while helping to ensure regulation and company policies compliance. Generica Multi Regulation Management includes a pre-defined solution and best practices, but can also be configured to meet company’s specific processes and needs.




To achieve full coverage of Multi Regulation Management, the following functionality is available:

  • Mapping and creation of a catalog for Systems, Processes, Risks and Controls

  • Gap Analysis and Corrective Actions plan

  • Yearly Tests Planning

  • Test conducting and reporting

  • Findings remediation

  • Powerful and flexible permissions

  • Full audit trail and history

  • Users and groups management