Generica assists companies in the insurance industry to meet the range of growing regulatory requirements such as Solvency II, the SOX Model Audit Rule (MAR), the Insurance Supervision Law, NAIC-MAR, KYC, AML, and GLBA.


Generica coordinates the efforts of staff involved in auditing, risk management, compliance, and legal departments with a system that lets them work within their familiar work environment, meaning, tools such as Word, Excel, PDF. Without leaving the original document program, users from every level of the GRC process can execute all necessary functions. The key is KCS’ “Smart Objects” technology, which lets users convert unstructured data straight from its source document into Smart Objects within Generica.


KCS products and solutions introduce a new level of efficiency to the regulatory management process while reducing cost and increasing productivity. As insurers face increased compliance regulation, the simplified processes delivered by Generica have become a must. KCS insurance modules can be installed individually while maintaining the functions of existing processes, or as a holistic system, to manage any number of insurance regulatory compliance needs. Generica addresses risk management areas such as actuarial, credit, and catastrophic risk with a system that enables identification, assessment, and monitoring according to regulatory demands. Internal, operational, information technology, supplier, and quality audits are handled with Generica’s complete audit lifecycle management system, including planning, scheduling, checklists, data collection, reports, recommendations, reviews, and implementation. For compliance management, Generica provides information flow, testing, and resolution functions in order to eradicate deviations and redundancies. The Issue Management system for process, audit, compliance, customer, risk, claims, IT, and loss event deviations include the identification, investigation and tracking of issues to enable efficient remediation. Generica’s policy management deals with creation, update, and compliance for enterprise-wide policy and procedure documents. Integration is performed by highly experienced teams, that will make recommendations based on your needs and current infrastructure.


KCS expands to practically meet any GRC need, so that clients who,for example, start with a risk management solution in only a single department will later adopt a complete insurance solution for the entire global organization as well.