Generica Quality Management System


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KCS QMS Software Solutions, Generica, is a unique technology platform, allowing companies to conduct a full quality life cycle management, encouraging them to improve their quality and compliance by harmonizing all processes under one global system.


Generica allows its users to work via an intuitive and simple integration with Microsoft Office tools, thus offering a fully configurable, user-friendly and automated workflow management system, which diminishes the learning curve of the system to a minimum, saves time and resources, and reduces quality risks.


Generica QMS can be easily  implemented according to the specific business needs and processes of each and every customer individually, while retainning the Life Science indutry standards and requirements (such as 21 CFR part 11) that commonly used by all customers. In addition, organizations may choose to purchase Generica's ouf-of-the-box solution, which compreises a pre-package of main quality processes in a plug-and-play format, ready to be used.

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