Generica Governance, Risk and Compliance


Internal Audit | Risk | SOX | Compliance | Contracts | Business Continuity | Security Control | ISO Management | Protocols | Multi Regulation

Generica GRC comprehensive solution allows its users to reduce risk, improve governance, and ensure the organization’s compliance by facilitating the management of all actionable information and critical processes in a familiar work environment.


Unlike other solutions, Generica GRC enables a seamless transition of crucial obligations into structured records that are fully manageable at the tip of your fingers, with out-of-the-box vertical applications and simple, easy-to-use tools for full configuration according to the organization’s GRC processes. This unified platform also provides its users with complete monitoring of the GRC status in real-time, allowing better control over the organization’s regulatory conformity.


As the system is highly configurable, the top team can decide which areas of the business they wish to improve without lengthy implementations. User adoption rates are also high due to its powerful offline and synchronisation capabilities. Typical areas that customers initially focus on are audit recommendations, key controls & findings, risk analysis reports, plus management and board decisions. 

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