Financial Market

KCS addresses the increased requirements of financial regulatory reporting with products and solutions that reduce complexity, improve governance, and ensure compliance. 

Generica GRC products maximize the effectiveness of financial and accounting staff by allowing the creation, update, control, and implementation of financial regulatory documents within users' familiar work environment, meaning, tools such as Word, Excel and PDF. Straight from those programs users can easly and smoothly create and maintain "Smart Objects" within Generica, in which the angle of full picture, monitoring, analysis, and conclusions is available.


Generica financial solutions significantly decrease the workload for departments involved in the “last mile” of finance through a structured methodology and business logic specific to the industry. Generica works by sifting through all relevant spread sheets, identifying data to include in a report, and publishing the applicable cells into new or existing documents. All these functions can be performed without leaving current document programs and without needing to learn complex new software. Generica can generate a report based on a Word template, or easily update a quarterly or annual report from a previous period. Generica also automatically verifies data integrity and regulatory compliance.


KCS alleviates the time consuming, error prone, and resource intensive process of financial regulatory reporting. Generica GRC helps to reduce, or even eliminate, the mistakes that can lead to internal department conflicts and external legal liabilities. These qualities, plus the flexibility and utility of KCS technology in general, make KCS financial products and solutions a must-have for companies requiring strict regulatory compliance.