CAPA Management


Offering comprehensive CAPA management with flexibility to allow for the implementation of a CAPA process in each relevant business unit in the organization. With CAPA being a crucial process to an effective quality management system, Generica QMS CAPA Management module allows its users to efficiently handle such processes, including Customer Complaints, Deviations, Safety Incidents, Audit Observations, Change Requests and Action Items, Environmental Incidents and more, from initiation of a new record, through the approved investigation process and all the way to root cause analysis, CAPAs management and QA deviation resolution.

CAPA Management, being a major process at any Life Science company's quality mission, is not only linked to most quality modules, but also a required critical step for moving ahead and resolving issues.

Generica QMS is a platform for managing global and onsite level CAPAs, including investigations, reporting, action follow ups, trends, and more.


Generica CAPA Management includes a pre-defined solution and best practices, but can also be easily configured to meet company’s specific processes and needs.


One of the things make Generica QMS an intuitive and friendly systme for users is its seamless integration with standard tools such as Word, Excel and PDF. This allows users to remian in their familiar work environment when performing their daily activities, and not needing to leave their relevant document. The majority of the actual work can be easily performed from those common tools, while they are being leveraged by Generica to support Generica QMS functionality and processes. This increases user productivity, while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.