Business Continuity Planning

Facilitating the control over the entire BCP lifecycle, dramatically reducing the effort and the maintenance of the BCP processes, such as Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Strategy Design, Implementation, Staff Training, Validation Plan, Exercises, Program Effectiveness  valuation & Monitoring, Crisis Management, Business Recovery Plan and more.

Generica BCP module allows for organizations to either adopt industry best practices, or design their own specific procedures, in order to establish a stable and reliable infrastructure for any threat or a posible case of disaster.
As part of its GRC suite, Generica supports the tight integration between its BCP module and other modules around it (such as Risk Management). Except for facilitating the design and easy implementation of each and every BCP procedure required, a major strength Generica offers is the ability to closely monitor and oversee the BCP actual deployment (via dashboards, reports, auto-alerts and so on), where all BCP processes are linked to one another. Hence, management gain a full picture view, together with all relevant perspectives of regulation, risk, audit and the rest of Generica GRC modules.